Tuesday, October 13, 2015

If the Cast of Game of Thrones Remade Disney's Snow White

Game of Thrones and Disney. Type these words into Google and you get some amazing and wildly inappropriate images like this.

Since the internet is filled with Disney/GOT fusion fan-fiction and artwork, I thought I would contribute and write a series of posts casting various actors from Game of Thrones in ironic roles for live action Disney remakes.

This idea was inspired by Richard Madden (Robb Stark) playing the role of the prince in the recent LA remake of Cinderella. 


Fittingly, my first entry begins by casting a GOT remake of Disney's very first animated feature film 'Snow White'.


-The Evil Queen- Lena Headey  


Yeah, this one is on the nose. Actually you could argue that playing the Evil Queen in Snow White would be a caricature of Lena Headey’s current role as Cersei Lannister. She would be perfect for this part as the jealous queen wary of a younger rival replacing her. A similar kind of rivalry with Margery Tyrell throughout GOT has defined much of her character for the past two seasons. Through her performance Headey can play the role of a jealous, insecure, manipulative head of state with convincing energy.

  -Snow White- Emilia Clarke 


Most GOT fans are used to the image of Clarke as Daenerys Stormborn with her white hair. But in real life Clarke is actually dark haired. More importantly though, portraying a kind, considerate princess in contrast to Headey’s ego-maniacal queen is familiar territory. As Daenerys, Clarke has been able to portray the Targaryen heir as a strong leader with a heart of gold. She would really only need half of the Silver Queen to play all of Snow White. Hopefully, she'd also bring some new energy to the character and make her more interesting than the animated original.

-The Seven Dwarfs- Peter Dinklage 

No doubt about it, Dinklage is frikin awesome. Arguably, he’s redefined the role of little people in Hollywood. At the very least he’s broken new ground by portraying the strong willed, intelligent and good-hearted Tyrion Lannister on GOT. This has made him a fan favorite and one of the most well-known faces of the series. He easily has the talent to play all seven dwarfs with their cardboard cutout personalities. He would act opposite Clarke and would have the chance to test his acting skills by playing multiple roles. 

-The Prince- Nikolaj Coster-Waldau 


The best argument I can make for why Waldau should play the Prince is this. He wouldn’t have to do anything or say anything (a lot like the prince in the original film). He’d only have to appear for twenty seconds at the end of movie and it would still be hilarious. Having Jamie Lannister ‘the Kingslayer’ whose character was created as a mockery to the medieval notions of chivalry and honor just show up as the handsome prince to save the day would be funny. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to imagine how upset Cersei would be seeing Jaime with the Targaryen girl.

-The Huntsman- Iain Glen 


Again, on a couple of levels this works. Glen has done an excellent job bringing Daenerys’s loyal guardian, Jorah Mormont, to life. Arguably, he (and the changes in the story) made him a much more sympathetic character than the Mormont of the books. He’d be great portraying the Huntsman whose loyalty is caught between the Queen and Snow White. It's familiar ground since the character of Mormont was stuck in a similar position, being an agent for Kings Landing while also drawn to the strong and charismatic Silver Queen.

-The Magic Mirror- Charles Dance

As Tywin, Charles Dance portrayed the strongman of House Lannister perfectly. That charisma and sense of authority is ideal for being the voice of the all knowing Magic Mirror. Hearing the voice of Tywin tell his daughter that she's not pretty enough would also be very funny and reflect the problematic relationship the character of Tywin has with his children.

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