Saturday, October 10, 2015

Character Preview- Andur

Anyone who has never wished for death has never truly lived.


Does that sound harsh to you?


It is. But it is true. I wish it weren’t so but it is. The universe is harsh; those who thrive it more so.


However, that doesn’t mean joy can’t be found.


As I put these thoughts down I am a woman of considerable age.


I have flown from one side of the Galaxy to the other. I’ve killed men and women of all races.


Often in defense, often for money. Occasionally, for vengeance.


By the values of all the Galaxy’s peoples and the tenants of all religions I am considered irredeemable.


I understand this. Being a thug, a war criminal, a religious fanatic, a pirate, an assassin, a bounty hunter, a turncoat and a thief- any of these are horrible vocations. I was all of them at one point in my life.


I was pushed into many by circumstance. Still, my actions are mine and the bad deeds far outweigh the redeeming ones.


Yet I have known joy and love. I have gained and lost them and come close to turning my own lethal hands against myself.


Still, I am here to put these words down and share my story for those who care to know it.


I think perhaps, I am rambling a bit. Let me start with the basics.


Who am I? What am I? Where do I come from? What have I done?


Who am I?


My name is Andur. Many peoples of many races in our Galaxy have a surname. I do not, though I am sure my ancestors did at some point.


What am I? This is a complex question to me.


There are many answers I could give. Many answers you could give.


So I will tell you the two aspects of myself most others notice when they first meet me.


I am human. This is how Jideenians, Boroshians, Voshens, Centuri, the Bezon and all the other non-teren races of our Galaxy define me when I first meet them.

Some say we humans are judgmental, gruff, or if you follow Earth’s frequent conflicts with her neighbors, militaristic.


I will only say this in response: We are, but so is everyone else.


So, for better and worse, I am human. 


I am also a woman a female. This is usually the second thing noticed about me by non-humans. The first if I am among my own kind.


I have always been female. In body and spirit. I do not identify with any other gender, though sometimes I wish humans had more than one as other races do.


So now you know I am a woman.


There are many other aspects of what I am but that will be elaborated on later.


Now to the last two questions.


Where do I come from and what have I done with my terrible life? 

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