Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Only the Sky is Forever Preview- The Making of the Third World




The Maker created our world and the two that came before it.

 In the world before ours, the people of the land were powerful and blessed by the hands that made them. They lived well off the Maker's bounty. There was game to hunt in the forests, water to drink in the streams, corn to harvest in the fields.

 But the people of the land grew greedy, proud and took much more than they needed. The other creatures of the world began to suffer and starve.

 Seeking to rebuke them for their trespasses, the Maker appeared to the people of the land and gave them a warning.

 "Take only what you need,” the Maker said. “Do not abuse the other creatures or each other and I shall promise to one day give you all my power and wisdom. Become greedy again, and I shall sweep you away and make a new people in your place.”

 The people of the land agreed to their Maker's offer, promising not to take as much as they had before.

 Yet within a short time the people turned their backs on their promise, slaughtering all the animals, cutting the trees and spoiling the soil. In time, no life remained save the people themsleves and they turned on one another for sustenance.

 Enraged and saddened, the Maker took vengeance. From the Maker's shed tears, Unktehi the horned water serpent of destruction was born. She covered the land in a flood, drowning the people and submerging all else.

 When all the people were gone and the land was buried beneath the water,  the Maker looked over the waters with the Sun above them. Playing four songs on a medicine lute, the Maker created a new world; the one we know today.

 The first song, caused the earth to rise from beneath the waters.

 The second song, caused the mountains, trees and animals to rise from the earth.

 The third song, brought forth the new people, other walking and speaking beings and those great spirits that are both human and animal.

 The fourth song, removed the heart of Unktehi from her body which caused the great snake to fall into the lake on the top of Serpent Mountain. There she remains even now.

 The Maker hid Unktehi's heart, that the serpent could not return. To this day, the Maker looks upon our world and all those who inhabit it.

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