Saturday, March 15, 2014

20 Things About the World in 1988

Yesterday, I turned twenty six years old. In other words, I am over a quarter of a century. Since a lot of people I know are reaching their mid-twenties as well, I decided to use my knowledge of history and share some facts about the year we came into the world, 1988. It's amazing how much has changed in two and a half decades.

(1) First, I was born when Ronald Reagan was President of the United States.




(2) The current American President, Barack Obama, was 27 years old and had started his first year at Harvard Law School.





(3) Across the Atlantic, the USSR was still holding itself together. 


(4) So was Yugoslavia.





(5) And the Berlin Wall.





(6) These other countries didn't exist yet: South Sudan, East Timor, Eritrea, Djibouti, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia. 


Sorry, couldn't resist.

(7) Saddam Hussein was still President of Iraq.





(8) The US government was still giving him money...He was at war with Iran at the time, it was okay. 




(9) A few countries over, Osama Bin Laden was still fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.




(10) So were the future Taliban and the CIA was still giving them weapons.




(11) On the technology side of things, Adobe Photoshop had been around for a year.



 (12) Mobile phones had been commercially available for five.





(13) The World Wide Web was one year and three days away from being launched.




(14) And the first Die Hard movie was an upcoming summer release.





(15) Rihanna was a month old.


She wouldn't look like this for another seven years.


(16) Adele wasn't born yet.



(17) And these famous people who had been around for a bit looked like this: 


(18) Many of the cars looked something like this: 


(19) You also had to pay an average of $1.75 a gallon to keep them running

(20) And you could expect to see some people dressed like this



or this


or even this



Man twas a crazy time.

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