Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nine Ridiculous Yet Strangely Awesome Ideas for Reimagined Films and TV Shows

Apart from number 4 and 6, all the other ideas on this list are unoriginal. I've come across these crossover and reimagined concepts in memes and Youtube videos and just thought I would share them for fun.

  1. The Downtown Dead

    You know what a sophisticated drama about an upper-class English family at the turn of the 20th century needs? That's right; a zombie apocalypse.

    If you really think about it, the abbey would be one of the best places to survive if the dead ever popped out of their graves and started gorging on the living. High walls, isolated country location, big stores, a large number of people to help with security. Add in the sophisticated company of English aristocrats and a lot of brandy and you've got a recipe for some great, worldly drama in the midst of World War Z.



  2. The Lord of the Rings Christmas Special

    The fellowship (minus Boromir) must unite once more to defeat the forces of darkness from ruining Christmas. The wizard, Nicholas the Red, who's task it is to spread joy to all Middle Earth's children has been besieged in his snowy castle by orcs and trolls. It's up to Aragorn, Gimli Legolas and Gandalf to rally an army to rescue them while Frodo and the hobbits take over delivering the toys.

  3. Hogwarts: Compton Edition

    A lot of Harry Potter fans have wondered what wizarding and witching was like in other parts of the world besides the UK.

    Well, this gritty, hard hitting show about a school of magic in inner city America can show you. Deciding to bring the magical teachings of Hogwarts to the Hood, leads to challenges for a group of dedicated teachers and their magically endowed students as they try to navigate between their harsh reality and the powers they could posses.

  4. (Harry Potter the Bollywood musical) Hari Putar and the Prisoner of Azkabataban

    Yes, the Harry Potter universe gets two. That's how amazing the world is to me. It's the story of Harry Potter as performed by Bollywood. The plots the same, the characters are more or less the same except for their names (Hari Putar, Herumariman etc.). The only major differences are in the settings (Hogwarts is a Mogul era fortress), the accents, and the out of nowhere musical numbers and synchronized dance sequences.

  5. Titanic 2: Jack is Back

    This one comes with a trailer (courtesy of another person's awesome talents). Some time after Jack bids adieu to Rose at the end of James Cameron's Titanic, a team of explorers on a submarine revisits the wreck of the ship of dreams.

    Jack, frozen for decades, is found, thawed and brought back to life. Initially a prisoner of a government agency he escapes in pursuit of his true love while being chased by his captors.

    Does it sound utterly stupid? Yes. Would tons of people go see it if it was made anyway? Absolutely.

  1. Game of Thrones: Pride Rock

    The magic of Walt Disney comes together with the enchanting dark politics of Game of Thrones. Set some time before the events of the first Lion King, Game of Thrones: Pride Rock, is a 2d animated film about the intricate, complicated and backstabbing world of politics in the animal kingdom. Here, we find that Scar wasn't the first lion to betray his family in the name of power and that other predators (from leopards, cheetahs and yes hyenas) were always vying for control of the Pride Lands.

  2. Twilight Remake with Blade Twilight: Lights Out

    This one has been a meme bouncing around the internet for years. Imagine it, Bella and Edward meet, stare awkwardly and fall in love as before. Only this time, Edward is pursued by the legendary vampire slayer and daywalker Blade. Try as they might the pair of star-crossed lovers can't outrun Wesley Snipes and his arsenal, leading to the tragic (pffff hehe) demise of our two characters.

  3. Brokeback Pirates of the Caribbean (On Queerer Tides)

    Now admit it, if Jack Sparrow came out and admitted he plunders booty as well as treasure, would you really be surprised? This new installment of the pirates franchise would have Jack chasing down a legendary, mysterious object, fighting an array of magical creatures and...discovering a whole new side to himself in the form of an alluring male shipmate.

  4. The Watchmen Saturday Morning Cartoon Show

    Alan Moore's gritty dark realistic tale of superheros in an alternate history of America comes to life once again as...a Saturday Morning Cartoon Show.

    That's right kids, join your favorite characters from 7-730 every Saturday for a ton of new, family friendly, adventures.

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