Sunday, November 3, 2013

Poem: What's Done is Done

What’s done is done.


Roads, washed away cannot be taken.


Doors shut to you cannot be opened.


Ships departed for other shores cannot be boarded.

Triumphs missed or lost cannot be won.


Count the gold coins in your purse, and the achievements for what they are.


You are your greatest companion on the journey.


Friends come and go, though some come more than others and go less often.


Obstacles and enemies stand in your way but withdraw into the wilderness.


Heartache and betrayal sting deeply but the poisons are always purged.


Your burdens are yours to bear and yours to shed when you have carried them long enough.


The lightening will cackle at you and the rains mock you


And yet, Winter always blusters by and fades into Summer winds.


And for every land of ash and dust, there comes the land of tranquil rivers and emerald fields, the lands of forested mountains and marble halls, the lands of quiet villages and gentle rolling hills.


And on the nights when darkness is all to be seen, cold all to be felt and sorrow all that is real, remember that joy will always be as tenacious as agony, and that you will live to see bright skies and sun once more.



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